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Hi people!

I'm not sure how many people come back to browse this community as often as I do after its gone a lot quieter, but I guess this is worth a try anyway.

I'm looking for a beta for a fic I'm currently working on that is an Ouran High School Host Club x Harry Potter crossover. It will be an eventual Tamaki/Kyoya fic, but I'm starting them in first year and have de-aged them to eleven year olds. Though they do still have memories. It's all a little convoluted at the moment. But the point of mentioning that would be that there might be hints of relationships but nothing happening yet.

I should also mention that this does have some sort of plot, though that does still need hammering out, and this was help started by NaNoWriMo. Meaning that it already has a little over 50,000 words down. And despite starting with a majority of the Hosts coming late into the first year, I still haven't reached Halloween of that same first year.


So, I'll probably need someone who's prepared to stick around for the long haul. I'm mostly looking for someone to offer some constructive criticism, make sure I have some sense and continuity among the insanity, flexibility since it will necessarily be AU with things that will effect the characters because of that, someone to bounce ideas off of maybe, but mainly a cheerleader/ass kicker. I don't want to give up and leave this unfinished.

And here, have a teaser:

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Advent Challenge Now Open


Hi all! Just a quick post to let any and all interested parties know that adventchallenge has reopened its doors for it's Winter Round! We're a multi-fandom challenge, open and friendly to all ships so come along and help spread the holiday spirit!

For more information and to sign up just click here or on the image above!

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Ouran Halloween fanfic

Title: An Ouran Halloween
Series: Ouran High School Host Club
Pairing/Character: Kyouya/Tamaki with all of the others
Rating: PG just to be safe
Summary: Kyouya and Tamaki get lost on Halloween

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As always, comments, constructive criticism, and praise, however faint, are all desired and will be appreciated.

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Summer Round Now Open


Hi Guys! The summer round of Advent Challenge has been open for a couple of weeks now, so this is just a quick reminder to anyone that wants to take part. Anyone from any fandom is welcome to take part, and we're having a laid-back challenge this time to say a fond farewell to a truly memorable summer.

Click the banner to go have a look at the challenges!

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Garden State

New Oneshot; Kyouya and Tamaki!

Hi All!

I just finished a new oneshot, which I'm excited about. It just came to me rather suddenly, so I hope it's decent. If it suits your fancy, let me know what you think!

Title: Guiding One Another
Series: Oneshot, 1,172 words
Pairing/Character: Kyouya / Tamaki
Rating: K
Summary: While Kyouya deals with an injury, it's Tamaki who must reconcile his feelings.

Link to

Thanks for reading, take care!

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Advent Challenge: Xmas Round '11


Ho Ho Ho! adventchallenge is pleased to announce that sign-ups for its 2011 Xmas Round are open until the 30th of November. We want to make this year bigger and better than ever, and the most important part of that is you guys, which is why we're inviting every artist and writer who wants to take part to come along and sign up!

What is the Advent Challenge? Simply put 25 stories or artworks posted in the 25 days running up to Christmas. We're a multi-fandom challenge, and although we focus on Yaoi pairings, Het and Yuri are welcome too. For more information or just to have a nose at some of last year's excellent entries go to [info]adventchallenge  or go straight to How to Advent . Hope to see you there and looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you come up with this holiday season!

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Advent Challenge Summer Round

Hi everyone!

Just a quick post to let you know that for the first time ever adventchallenge  is proud to be opening its doors to all you sun loving fan artists and writers! Sign-ups are now open to anyone wanting to find a new, creative way to while away those long summer days.

What's the challenge? Simple! You've got from July 1st to July 30th to post 14 stories/peices of art. Why fourteen? Because its a summer holiday for our characters too! Length, rating, fandom, pairing... none of that matters. Just write us something with a summer theme! Click on the banner for more information and we hope to see you there!

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